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The obvious choice for secure cloud based health care billing



MedEase cloud based practice management system is a cost effective alternative to over-priced onsite server-based billing applications. Our proven solution lets you focus on the financial side of your practice without the additional responsibility of systems administrations .


MedEase's "right-priced" solution charges by the account, not the provider. No matter how many providers are in the practice ... 1 to 100 ... all billing under the same tax ID; there is only one low monthly subscription fee charged per account.


Access MedEase anywhere you have Internet connectivity irregardless of the available bandwidth. MedEase efficient design lets you work on a high speed line, hotel room or coffee shop wi-fi, USB travel modem or even dialup if it's the only option. Fast and productive, not slow and cumbersome, is the best way to describe MedEase online.

"Our clinic has been with MedEase PMSI since the 1980's. We have always had the most outstanding service and support from everyone there. The MedEase product is easy to use and learn. MedEase provides training and is very tolerant of all of our requests. The personnel at MedEase are knowledgeable and quick to find a solution to a problem if we have one. I have had many offers to switch practice management systems, but none can match the care we have received from MedEase."   A. Liddle, Office Manager

MedEase is the right-fit
technology for your busy office

             Practice Management Made Simple

Your billing office needs more than a practice management system; it needs a positive working relationship with a vendor who stands behind their system and keeps it up-to-date. It's the vendor supporting the practice management system, as much as the system itself, that's imperative to your long-term success. MedEase PMSI understands this need and continually strives to give our clients the highest quality service and support possible.