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4141 B Street, Suite 401
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"I have had the pleasure of working with the staff at MedEase PMSI and utilizing the MedEase software for over sixteen year. It is with great pleasure that  I recommend them to new users.

I have found that the practice management software is sophisticated enough to meet all our business needs, yet friendly enough for staff to learn and continue to use with confidence and ease. MedEase continually keeps the software up to date and helped us to assure we are compliant by both government and patient standards. Their financial reports are clear and concise and the patient account information is the same. Filing insurance claims for our patients is easy and almost effortless due to the efficiency of their clearinghouse. It is definitely "user" friendly system that meets all our business needs and helps keep our practice running smoothly.

In my opinion MedEase PMSI and the MedEase software program continue to provide exceptional service and is an asset to both their clients and the medical community in general. The staff is always supportive, dependable and open to questions or comments from me or other staff within our office that utilize the system on a daily basis."   K. Himmelright, CPC, Practice Manager