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                      Electronic Health Records

EHRs and the ability to exchange health information electronically help health care professionals provide higher quality and safer care for their patients. Adopting certified electronic health records in a meaningful way, providers know more about their patients, make better decisions, and save money.

Efficient use of EHR technology readily lends itself to increased patient visit capacity; helps reduce medical errors by providing health care professionals with decision support; increases patient safety by listing instructions for physicians to follow when they prescribe drugs to patients; and provides access to unprecedented amounts of clinical data for research that can accelerate the level of knowledge of effective medical practices.

MedEase  interfaces with
Amazing Charts EHR or can build
an HL7 bridge with your preferred EHR


EHR Advantages

Quick access to patient records from any location for more efficient care

Interface with labs, registries, PM systems, other EHRs and Health information exchanges

Safer, more reliable prescribing

Legible, complete documentation that facilitates accurate coding and billing

Enhanced privacy and security of patient data

Enhanced decision support with clinical alerts, reminders, medical information, appropriate training and policies

MedEase interfaces with Amazing Charts EHR, AAFP's 2011 #1 rated EHR for user satisfaction, customer loyalty and ease-of-use. Amazing Charts version 6 is ONC-ARCB 2011/2012 certified for meaningful use.

Charting, e-Prescribing, Scheduling, Decision Support

Affordable at $1,995 per provider

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