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MedEase is so easy to learn and use the majority of our clients require little if any support after the first month or two using MedEase. Should you have questions, software recommendations, require software modifications, or for any other reason need to speak with MedEase our dedicated support staff is available to help.

Our support staff has in-depth knowledge of MedEase and can generally troubleshoot and resolve issues within minutes. Requests for MedEase custom program changes take days, not months, to complete.

MedEase understands your practice management system is the financial lifeblood of your practice. We're here to make sure MedEase remains current, address your questions, and continue to provide a great practice management system solution.  

MedEase  is here to help!


The best way to contact MedEase is by Email. Like many IT companies we have our early-birds and our night-owls who can respond to your email message before and after regular business hours. Send your Email support requests to:

Please include the nature of your support request and a good contact phone number. We'll respond in a timely manner.


Office Hours

MedEase business hour Monday through Friday are:

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Alaska Standard Time

We are closed on New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

If its a beautiful Alaskan summer day or the rivers are filled with salmon we might declare those days holidays as well.

Call MedEase toll free at:


MedEase direct numbers are:


907-770-2341 Fax

Remember to send an email message if you cannot contact us by phone outside of regular business hours.

"I decided on MedEase PMSI as it was financially affordable for me as a one person, small billing agency; along with the system being user friendly, and they have a WONDERFUL support team." D. McGonegal, CPC, Medical Billing Services of Alaska