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The obvious choice for secure cloud based health care billing


MedEase takes you back to
the future with our efficient web based
practice management system


"My office has been using the MedEase software since February 2009. The program is OUTSTANDING. My staff processes our daily billing with ease. It's a software program I would recommend to all who are interested. The software is user friendly and the staff makes it easy to understand if there is a problem." N. Holder, CCS-P, Office Manager, Jose P.N. Anzilotti, M.D.

                           MedEase Advantages

Simple low cost ownership, no long-term financial obligation

Electronic claims transmission and reporting

Automated patient statements

EHR integration

Improved efficiency

Easy to install and maintain

Customized to fit your business

Administrative workload simplified

Simply no software upgrade fees ... Ever!

Practice Management Systems for :

Small to medium size offices | Health care billing companies | Central billing offices
Government agencies | Native Tribal Associations | Rural and remote locations | EHR Interfacing

MedEase is used in a variety of health care professional's offices: medical, mental health, optometry, physical therapy, chiropractics, alternative medicine, ... MedEase adapts easily to all health care specialty. Join the growing number for satisfied MedEase users today.

Don't buy on looks, buy on substance and long-term compatibility, buy on training and support, buy on shared vision.